Applying for the right job

Applying for the right job

Our teams at Fit For Sport are at the centre of everything we do. Whether delivering sports specific coaching, running multi-activity sessions to answering the phone in our head offices our staff play a key role in delivering our objective of getting children on a journey to a healthy and active lifestyle.

You don’t need to be active at work to join our business – you might be active in your spare time! We have a variety of roles at head office where you can share our vision and values with our customers and the children engaged in our programmes.

We are always on the look out for new team members with a variety of experience, skills and qualifications. As each role requires a unique mix of these requirements, we will take a look at some of our most popular roles and hopefully guide you in picking the right role for you.

How to apply for the right role for you!

Some of our roles require a qualification and if you possess one of the wide range of qualifications we accept that’s great. But don’t let qualifications prevent you from applying as you might be qualified by experience. Experience is a great asset to have as it demonstrates you have done the job before, something we consider invaluable.

We cannot stress how importantly we value attitude. We can train you so you develop the skills required to become a great Activity Leader. It’s what we’re good at, having trained over 23% of the UK’s children’s Activity Leaders! Having a smiley face, a can do attitude, engaging with parents and children and being fun are all things we look for in our staff.

Starting your career as an Activity Assistant  is a great way to develop the skills and gain the experience required to become an Activity Leader.

Doing something you enjoy for work means you get paid to do what you love, and it will show! We are all happiest when we do something we enjoy and that’s why we’re always happy to hear from applicants who truly aspire to work with children, and are passionate about helping them on their journey to an active lifestyle.

Don’t stop learning. Even when you become a manager you need to know what your next step is and how you are going to get there. Fit For Sport’s internal training programme can ensure you have a Continuous Professional Development (CDP) plan in place to see you through to Senior Site Manager level and even prepare you for Teach training.

When looking for a role you should be asking yourself “Does my new company have plenty of career progression jobs and how will they help me get to where I want to be?”. At Fit For Sport our CPD courses and internal training team are ready to get your career in activity leadership started!

Apprenticeship Scheme

Activity Assistant

The Activity Assistant role is the first step towards becoming an Activity Leader. Ideal for those that do not possess either a qualification or the experience to take on an Activity Leader role, the Activity Assistant supports the delivery team on site, shadowing and learning the skills required to become an Activity Leader.

Our in-house Activity Assistant training programme is designed to help you complete your Activity Leader Competency Card within 12 weeks so you are ready to perform the role unsupervised. We expect our Activity Assistants to complete their Activity Leader training with between nine and twelve months of further ongoing training.

The ideal Activity Assistant will be active, fun, a team player, reliable, diligent and able to follow instruction and of course passionate about engaging children in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Applying for the right job

Activity Leader – PE / Lunch / Child Care

Does your true talent lie in Activity and Sports Coaching delivery? Do you prefer to get hands on and actively engage the children we work with to try a range of new sporting activities and develop not just physically, but socially, emotionally and mentally too? If so then maybe the Activity Leader role is perfect for you. As an Activity Leader you will be performing (without doubt) the most important role in the business! Your responsibilities will include being an ever-present, positive and proactive role-model; in order to help keep children engaged and participating whilst in our Extended School or Camp Programmes.

We also have a number of variations of the Activity Leader role which specialise in a particular area of delivery. These include:

Activity Leader – Childcare, who specialise in providing early years care to our youngest age range of children, our Bouncing Bananas (4-5 years old). This age range have specialist needs such as quiet/sleep areas as well as activities designed to be age appropriate and taking their development needs into consideration. typically we seek child care qualified and experienced staff to take up these highly valued roles.

Activity Leader Lunch Cover, Our Lunch cover mainly focuses on providing meal time support usually in school dining halls. Popular with mums, teaching assistants and general staff these roles can include helping to serve food or clearing tables as well as providing a safe and secure environment for children whilst they have their lunch.

Activity Leader PE, helps to support schools with their PE provision. This may be in the form of delivering teaching to teachers so they become competent in the delivery of PE or to deliver the PE curriculum within the school. This unique role does require either a specific qualification or to be working towards the qualification.

Activity Leader – not forgetting our most popular Activity Leaders role our standard activity leaders deliver our multi activity sessions in our schools and camps across the UK. A great role to work with children focusing on getting children active in a fun and engaging way.

Site Managers Training

Deputy Site Manager

Have you been an Activity Leader for 18  months and are looking for the next step in your career? Not quite ready to become a Site Manager but keen to start working towards that goal? Maybe you have plenty of experience but you been out of the industry for a little while? It may be worth looking into our Deputy Site Manager positions where you will be shadowing and supporting an experienced Site Manager.

As you will be assisting our Site Managers and would in time be placed on our Site Managers Training Course, you would be expected to demonstrate supervisory skills, the ability to deliver as an activity leader and a willingness to learn.

The Deputy Site Manager role is hands on so you get the best of both worlds. Delivering multi-activity sessions just as an Activity Leader would but with some additional supervisory responsibilities assisting the Site Manager or covering in their absence.

Advanced Site Managers Training

Site Manager

If you are an exceptional leader, confident communicator, organised and extremely passionate about getting children active – then you’re already halfway there. These are our core values which we promote throughout our services and look for in prospective Site Managers. If you hold all these values, plus have experience managing a team, leading activities and/or working with children in either a school or similar environment you may want to consider our Site Manager role.

As a Site Manager you will also provide valued input into the development and running of our programmes (Schools and Camps) through our Site Managers’ meetings. Our Site Managers’ meetings offer further training opportunities, preparation for Camp and Term Time sessions as well as preparing you to train your team on new products and programmes. The Site Managers’ Meetings help support you throughout the year in your role as Site Manager.